Print Finishing

Print Finishing

Ensure your designs stand out from the competition with our range of stunning print finishing methods.

Here's the Breakdown...

Use our print finishing techniques to create unique and stylish results.

We’re here to guide you on the best print finishing techniques to ensure your print is presented to the highest standard. There are a number of different ways we offer print finishing to your products including lamination, cutting, folding, gluing, stapling and binding.

We offer a host of different specialist methods of print finishing at competitive prices. Our other print finishing methods include machine sealing to ensure that ink does not run on paper such as silk and matt. We are also able to advise you on the best finish to suit your designs.

Types of Print Finishing.

1. Varnish and UV Varnish

Both give your printed materials a durable finish that is both eye catching and enhances the colours on the page. Use on magazine covers or brochures front pages to create a shiny finish which enhances the quality of the cover.

2. Spot UV finishes

Enhances a particular part of the printed item to contrast with the rest of the page. Using on top of matte lamination to add contrast and give a more eye-catching level of print.

3. Lamination

This is used as a protective coating added to a printed surface as well as improving the finish of your printed items.

High gloss lamination increases the clarity of your items, adding a sharp crisp finish.

4. Foil Stamping

Adds a reflective element to your print. It adds a luxurious, high quality element for items such as gifts or presentation boxes.

5. Embossing

This is used to add depth to your printed project, creating a tactile element to the design to add emphasis.

Use on luxury invitations, booklets and labels.

6. Letterpress

Also known as debasing, is used to indent certain aspects of the page to create depth. One of the oldest methods of printing, it may be used with or without ink to create a different, tactile feel.

7. Die cutting

Use a steel-edged die for rounded corners or to cut out designs on the print. Try curved edges on business cards or cut letters out of your print to create a unique impression.

8. Alternative Inks

Why not consider pearlescent, iridescent, or metallic inks on sections of your print for an unusual, sophisticated finish.

Need help?

Our friendly and approachable design team are ready to assist you on the best print finishing technique to use for your print job. Contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the range of options available to create the amazing finishes to your artwork.

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